In the critical domain of healthcare, Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications are indispensable tools demanding accuracy and reliability. This case study, involving client Swati Krishna, focuses on how the implementation of ContextQA revolutionized EHR testing, setting new standards.

Challenges Faced by Swati Krishna

Before the adoption of ContextQA, Swati Krishna's EHR applications faced several testing challenges:

  1. Extensive Testing Times: Traditional manual methods resulted in prolonged testing processes, leading to delays.
    1. Average Testing Duration: Over 300 hours per application.
  2. User Interface Precision: Ensuring precision for each UI element was a tedious task.
    1. Issue Detection Rate: Only 60% efficiency in timely identification.
  3. Backend Process Reliability: Deep understanding was required for API testing to guarantee application component interaction.
  4. Mobile Application Testing: With healthcare professionals increasingly dependent on mobile applications, testing across various platforms was a complex task.
    1. Cross-Platform Testing Coverage: Only 70% effectiveness.

Solution: ContextQA Implementation for Swati Krishna

ContextQA Implementation for Swati Krishna

The adoption of ContextQA introduced groundbreaking improvements:

  1. End-to-End Test Automation:
    1. Reduction in Manual Effort: Automated 90% of the test cases.
  2. Seamless Web UI Testing:
    1. Increase in Issue Detection Rate: Boosted to 95%.
  3. Unparalleled API Testing:
    1. Backend Process Accuracy: Enhanced by 40%.
  4. Streamlined Mobile Application Testing:
    1. Cross-Platform Testing Efficiency: Improved to 95%.

Results for Swati Krishna

The deployment of ContextQA yielded significant outcomes for Swati Krishna:

  1. Reduction in Testing Time: Cut down by 50%, leading to faster releases - Average Testing Duration: Reduced to 150 hours per application.
  2. Elevated Operational Standards: Comprehensive coverage in EHR testing, enhancing industry standards.
  3. Promising Future Prospects: Garnered interest among healthcare professionals.


ContextQA has revolutionized EHR testing, offering a strategy that ensures comprehensive coverage, accuracy, and speed. Its impact on Swati Krishna's operations is profound, promising a future of dependable and enhanced user experiences in healthcare applications.

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