One Platform, Multiple Integrations

ContextQA integrates with your favorite testing tools, creating a unified ecosystem that automates your entire testing process.

Our Integrations

Don’t see what you are looking for? Don’t worry, we have an open API and too many integrations to list.


Streamline Testing and Development with JIRA Integration: Unify Teams, Track Issues, and Drive Agile Success


Unleash Collaboration and Action. Get real-time updates and seamless communication on test results, empowering your team to resolve issues faster and work together efficiently.

Azure DevOps

Streamline Testing and Development. Sync test cases, results, and bugs with Azure DevOps, ensuring traceability and visibility throughout the software lifecycle.


Empower Test Automation Management. Store, version control, and collaborate on test scripts effortlessly.


Centralize and Simplify Test Automation. Securely manage test automation code and assets.


Accelerate CI/CD with Automated Testing. Automate test script execution as part of your build pipeline.

AWS CodePipeline

Automate Testing in the AWS Cloud. Harness the power of AWS infrastructure and services.

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