System Seeders, a leading provider of ERP solutions, encountered significant challenges with their traditional ERP application testing methods. These challenges hampered their ability to deliver high-quality solutions efficiently.

This case study details how System Seeders adopted ContextQA, a cutting-edge, context-driven testing solution, to revolutionize their ERP testing process, leading to remarkable improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.

Challenges Faced by System Seeders:

System Seeders' reliance on manual testing procedures resulted in:

  • Extensive delays: Project timelines frequently exceeded initial estimates by 30%, hindering project delivery and client satisfaction.
  • Inconsistency: Manual testing lacked standardization, leading to a 25% increase in post-deployment issues, requiring additional resources and time for rectification.
  • Limited scope: Traditional methods primarily focused on functional testing, neglecting crucial aspects like API interactions and mobile application compatibility.

System Seeders remarks:

"Our manual testing process was time-consuming and prone to inconsistencies. We were constantly struggling to meet deadlines and ensure the quality of our deliverables."

ContextQA: The Pivotal Solution:

System Seeders implemented ContextQA, a next-generation testing platform that leverages automation and context-driven intelligence. This integration transformed their ERP testing approach:

  • Enhanced Web UI Testing: ContextQA's automated UI testing capabilities improved accuracy by 40%, significantly reducing interface-related errors and enhancing user experience.
  • Streamlined Integration Testing: The solution streamlined backend API interaction testing, resulting in a 35% increase in efficiency. This fostered a more robust and integrated ERP system.
  • Optimized Mobile Testing: ContextQA's mobile testing features ensured consistent operational standards, leading to a 50% reduction in mobile application issues, and boosting overall system stability.
  • Enriched Context and Shift-Left Testing: ContextQA's enriched context feature enabled a 20% faster identification of discrepancies, allowing for proactive issue resolution and fostering a shift-left testing approach, which emphasizes earlier detection and prevention of defects.

System Seeders remarks:

"ContextQA has been a game-changer for our ERP testing process. It has allowed us to deliver high-quality solutions faster and more efficiently, exceeding our client expectations. We are confident that ContextQA will continue to be a valuable asset as we strive to provide exceptional ERP services."

Results and Future Outlook:

Transforming ERP Testing with ContextQA at System Seeders

The integration of ContextQA yielded significant benefits for System Seeders:

  • 45% overall increase in testing efficiency
  • 50% reduction in testing-related delays
  • 30% decrease in post-deployment corrections, leading to improved system reliability and reduced rework
  • Enhanced client satisfaction due to faster project delivery and higher-quality solutions


System Seeders' successful implementation of ContextQA showcases the transformative power of context-driven testing. By automating tedious tasks, improving accuracy, and fostering a proactive approach, ContextQA has set a new benchmark for efficiency and reliability in ERP testing.

As System Seeders continues its journey with ContextQA, it remains confident in delivering exceptional ERP solutions for its clients.

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