ContextQA’s Automated Mobile App Testing!

ContextQA offers an extensive testing solution, covering both traditional desktop and emerging mobile application needs.

How does It work ?

Define mobile app testing specs, including devices, OS, and scenarios.

Utilize AI-driven algorithms for simulating user interactions and finding issues.

Ensure app performance in diverse conditions with real-world testing.

Get concise reports with glitches, suggestions, and actionable insights.

How ContextQA Implements Mobile Testing?

Object recognition

ContextQA uses object recognition to identify UI elements on mobile screens, making it easy to create tests without having to specify exact locators.

AI-powered self-healing

ContextQA uses AI to self-heal tests, so you don’t have to worry about tests breaking due to minor UI changes.

Cloud-based testing

ContextQA provides a cloud-based testing platform, so you can test your mobile apps on a variety of real and virtual mobile devices without having to set up your own infrastructure.

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