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Start using ContextQA today and ensure your software applications have an impeccable user interface that enhances the user experience.

How does It work ?

Automate UI Testing with ContextQA: A versatile tool for web, API, mobile, desktop, and mainframe testing, saving you time and effort.

UI Testing made easy for everyone: Write test cases in plain language with our natural English coding feature – no coding expertise required. ContextQA handles the rest

Our tool is equipped with self-healing capabilities, ensuring that your tests adapt to changes in your application’s UI. Say goodbye to constantly updating test scripts.

ContextQA provides detailed logs and insights into your UI Testing results. You can quickly identify any UI-related issues and take prompt action to resolve them.

How ContextQA Implements UI Testing?

Natural Language Processing

Our tool understands and executes your test instructions written in plain English, eliminating the need for extensive scripting knowledge.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We support testing across a wide range of platforms, ensuring your application is thoroughly tested on all relevant devices.

Self-Healing Algorithms

ContextQA’s self-healing capabilities detect and adapt to changes in the UI, reducing test maintenance and improving test stability.

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