Crystal-Clear Evidence, Effortless Capture: ContextQA’s Test Case Management Proof

Simplify evidence collection, streamline communication, and ensure testing confidence with ContextQA’s all-in-one solution.

Advanced Test Case Management Proof Features for Comprehensive Testing

Automated Screenshots

Capture every user interaction with automatic screenshots, ensuring no crucial detail goes unnoticed.

Seamless Note-Taking

Annotate screenshots directly, highlighting specific areas of focus or potential issues for improved clarity.


Gain deeper insights into your testing by viewing and analyzing network traffic (currently in beta)


Capture error and console logs automatically for comprehensive testing coverage (currently in beta).

Professional PDF Reports

Create comprehensive reports combining screenshots, notes, trace data, and logs for a concise overview of testing efforts, perfect for developers and stakeholders.

Effortless Evidence Collection at Your Fingertips

Say Goodbye to Multitasking

Capture, note, and record in one platform, ditching multitasking and manual work to save time and resources.

Communication Made Easy

Share visuals with a click for better collaboration and quicker resolutions, keeping teams aligned.

Test with Confidence

Assert findings with solid proof, thanks to ContextQA, for a credible and efficient development process.

Effortless Organization

Keep all test data – screenshots, notes, recordings – organized and accessible in ContextQA for smooth information retrieval.

Experience the ContextQA Difference

Improved Communication & Collaboration

Share clear and comprehensive evidence with developers, facilitating faster issue resolution and a streamlined development process.

Increased Testing Efficiency

Eliminate the need for manual evidence collection and multi-tool juggling, leading to significant time savings and improved testing efficiency.

Effortless Organization

Maintain a centralized location for all testing data, ensuring easy access and streamlined retrieval of critical information.

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