Automated Regression Testing Solutions by ContextQA

Ensure exceptional user experiences with our robust and efficient automated regression testing platform.

ContextQA: Empowering Your Regression Testing Strategy

Advanced Automation

Effortlessly automate complex tests across various functionalities, including unit, functional, performance, and accessibility, with unwavering confidence.

Parallel Testing Power

Accelerate your testing process by running tests simultaneously across diverse platforms, saving valuable time and resources while ensuring thorough coverage.

Intelligent Reporting

Gain invaluable insights with detailed reports, heatmaps, root cause analysis, and a dedicated CI dashboard for informed decision-making.

CI/CD Integration

Prevent defects and maintain consistent quality throughout development by seamlessly integrating regression testing into your CI pipeline.

Real & Virtual Testing

Conduct comprehensive testing across real and virtual environments, including simulators, emulators, and real devices, for unparalleled coverage.

Open & Integrated

ContextQA seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and frameworks, including Appium, Selenium, and codeless solutions, ensuring a smooth and connected workflow.

Why Choose ContextQA for Automated Regression Testing?

Effortless Control

Manage your entire regression suite with ease, from sequencing and parallelization to variables and retries – no coding required.

Unlimited Scalability

Run an infinite number of parallel tests on-demand, eliminating the need for manual provisioning and allowing you to focus on quality improvement.

Seamless Integration

Leverage your existing Selenium scripts, maximizing your investment and accelerating test creation.

CI/CD Harmony

Integrate seamlessly into your development pipeline, automatically triggering tests at every stage for continuous quality assurance.

Experience the ContextQA Difference

Reduced Testing Time and Costs

Streamline your process and optimize resource allocation with automated regression testing.

Enhanced Software Quality

Deliver bug-free and reliable software consistently, fostering user trust and satisfaction.

Improved Development Efficiency

Free your team from repetitive manual testing, allowing them to focus on innovation and strategic initiatives.

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