Automated Regression Testing

Your users deserve a top-notch experience, and this feature will make sure you deliver nothing less!

How Does It Work?

Retain full control over every aspect of your regression suites from sequence, to parallelization, to variables and retries – no programming required. Take charge of your testing process effortlessly.

Run unlimited parallel regression tests on demand. No need to provision or spin up capacity; instead, focus on resolving issues and improving quality. Scale your testing seamlessly.

Import your existing Selenium regression test suites to preserve your investment and avoid rework. Immediately benefit from easy, reliable test creation and maximize productivity.

Automatically kickoff regression tests as early as committing a branch to master, on every build, or at any stage of your development pipeline. Seamlessly integrate testing into your DevOps workflow.

ContextQA Features for Regression Testing

Advanced Test Automation

Automate complex tests effortlessly, covering unit, functional, performance, and accessibility testing with confidence.

Parallel Testing Power

Speed up testing with parallel execution across platforms, saving time and resources while ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Smart Test Reporting

Identify and resolve issues quickly with deep insights, heatmaps, root cause analysis, and a CI dashboard for informed decisions.

Seamless CI Integration

Integrate regression testing into your CI process to prevent defects and maintain quality throughout development.

Real & Virtual Testing

Test on real and virtual platforms, including simulators, emulators, and real devices, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Open & Integrated

ContextQA seamlessly integrates with your entire toolchain, including popular frameworks like Appium, Selenium, Quantum BDD, and codeless solutions, keeping your workflow connected.

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