The Selenium-Free Workflow Solution

Simplify Test Automation, Boost Efficiency, and Say Farewell to Selenium’s Complexities

How Does It Work?

ContextQA simplifies test automation with an easy-to-use interface, enabling anyone on your team to create and run tests effortlessly.

No advanced engineering knowledge required. ContextQA makes test automation accessible to all team members, promoting efficient collaboration.

Say goodbye to brittle tests. ContextQA adapts to your application’s changes, automatically enhancing test reliability.

ContextQA offers detailed, shareable test results, providing visibility for quick bug resolution to quality and development teams.

Seamlessly import your existing Selenium tests into ContextQA, unlocking the benefits of low-code test automation without starting from scratch.

ContextQA Features for Selenium-Free Workflow

Intuitive Interface

Simplify test automation for all team members.

Low Maintenance

Reduce the knowledge barrier for automation.

Auto-Healing Tests

Ensure test reliability as your application evolves.

Comprehensive Results

Gain visibility for efficient bug resolution.

Seamless Selenium Import

Transition smoothly without losing your existing tests.

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