The Selenium-Free Workflow Solution by ContextQA

Ditch the complexities of Selenium and experience the power of intuitive, accessible test automation with ContextQA.

Effortless Automation for Everyone

Intuitive Interface

ContextQA’s user-friendly interface makes test creation and execution accessible to everyone on your team, regardless of technical expertise.

Low Maintenance

No advanced engineering knowledge required. ContextQA makes test automation accessible to all team members, promoting efficient collaboration.

Auto-Healing Tests

Eliminate the frustration of brittle tests. ContextQA’s auto-healing capabilities adapt to application changes, ensuring your tests remain reliable and maintainable.

Comprehensive Results

Gain valuable insights with detailed, shareable test results. These reports offer clear visibility for quick bug resolution, streamlining communication between testing and development teams.

Selenium Integration

ContextQA allows you to seamlessly import your Selenium tests, enabling you to leverage the benefits of low-code automation without starting from scratch.

ContextQA: Redefining Selenium-Free Workflow

Intuitive Interface

ContextQA simplifies test automation for all team members, regardless of technical expertise.

Low Maintenance

Reduce the knowledge barrier for automation and empower your entire team to contribute to the testing process.

Auto-Healing Tests

Ensure test reliability as your application evolves, eliminating the need for constant test maintenance.

Comprehensive Results

Gain clear visibility into test execution and results, facilitating faster bug resolution and improved communication.

Seamless Selenium Import

Transition smoothly to a low-code testing approach without losing the value of your existing Selenium test suite.

Experience the ContextQA Difference

Improved Software Quality

Deliver high-quality software consistently with comprehensive and reliable automated testing.

Faster Time to Market

Identify and resolve issues early in the development cycle, accelerating your time to market.

Enhanced Team Productivity

Free your testers from repetitive tasks and empower them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

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