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In this article, let’s discuss the essential information you must be aware of before getting started with API Testing Automation.
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1. Web Services:

It’s important to know the basics of SOAP and REST before diving into API testing.
If you want to know more about them, just check out some online resources or watch tutorials.

Below tutorials on API Testing are a great resource for you to learn from!

2. JSON and XML:

It’s important to know how to handle JSON and XML since those are the usual ways data gets passed around between APIs. It’s good to know how to read and write JSON and XML messages when testing APIs.

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3. HTTP Protocols:

If you want to do API testing, you’ve got to know the HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc.
You should know how to use these methods to test the API endpoints properly, what an HTTP response is, and what parameters and headers to include in it.

4. Status Codes:

HTTP status codes are important when testing APIs.
They show if the API request worked or not.
So basically, there are codes called HTTP status codes that go from 100 to 500.
They’re split into five groups: informational, success, redirection, client error, and server error.

If you want to know more about HTTP status codes, just head over to and check out their chart.
This website has a huge guide on HTTP status codes and what they mean.

5. Tools for API Testing Automation

There are a bunch of tools out there for API Testing Automation. You should understand what each tool can do and pick the one that works best for you.
Tools like Postman, SoapUI, and RestAssured are heavily used.

You can take a look at following series

6. API Documentation

Before you start testing, make sure you read the API documentation carefully.
Check out the documentation to get a better idea of how the API works and what kinds of requests and responses it expects.

You can checkout these API documentation source — Swagger Hub,Postman ,API Blueprint,RAML ,OpenAPI .

7. Automation

Testing APIs can be a real drag and take up a lot of time.
So, it’s a good idea to automate the testing process using tools like Selenium, Appium, TestComplete, or some codeless tools.

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If you are new to API Testing Automation, you should begin by gaining an understanding of the fundamentals and practicing with various tools, such as Postman.
It is possible for you to become an expert API tester with enough time and effort.

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