ContextQA is thrilled to attend Collision Conf 2024 from June 17-20 in Toronto! This yearly conference brings together some of the greatest minds from tech.

As we prepare for this historic occasion, we want to share our excitement and give a sneak peak of what will be covered at Collision Conference.

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Why We are Attending Collision Conf :

Why We are Attending Collision Conf :

Reasons Behind Attendance

Collision Conf is a hub of groundbreaking minds and industry leaders. For ContextQA, Collision Conf presents an ideal opportunity to network with those shaping the future of tech.

Establishing relationships with influential figures at Collision Conf can only strengthen our efforts at pushing AI-powered software test automation forward.

Discover Game-Changing Technologies

Staying ahead in the tech industry requires ongoing learning and adaptation, which is why Collision Conf is excited to discover game-changing technologies that we can integrate into our solutions.

The conference will host numerous tech exhibitions and showcases that highlight groundbreaking advancements, so don't miss this chance to explore them yourself!

Engage in Thought-Provoking Panel Discussions

One of the hallmarks of Collision Conf is its lively lineup of thought-provoking panel discussions. These panels provide invaluable insights on tech industry challenges and opportunities - ContextQA will actively be participating in these dialogues, sharing our expertise in AI testing as well as learning from industry professionals present at Collision Conf.

Showcase Our Brand on a Global Stage

Collision Conf is an international platform that brings together tech enthusiasts and professionals worldwide.

ContextQA is thrilled to present how its AI-powered software test automation solutions are revolutionizing the industry - this will give us exposure to reach out to new audiences as well as potential clients looking for cutting-edge testing solutions.

Finding Insight from Top Entrepreneurs

Learning from the best is essential to growth and innovation, which is why Collision Conf brings together top entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated the tech landscape.

We look forward to learning from their experiences, strategies, and visions for their businesses - learnings which will guide our approach and enable us to improve our offerings for better client experiences.

Follow the Process: Connect, Learn, and Grow

At Collision Conf, our focus is on connecting, learning, and growing. These three pillars are integral for driving innovation and achieving success; by networking with industry leaders, learning about cutting-edge technologies, and participating in insightful conversations about feedback ContextQA strives to continue its tradition of excellence in AI-driven software test automation.

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Visit Us on June 18

Collision Conf

Are You Attending Collision Conf? We Invite You to Stop By Stand A622 on June 18! Come meet our creative team, see our solutions in action, and discuss how ContextQA can streamline your software testing processes.

Our team will be on hand to answer your questions, demonstrate them live, or discuss potential collaboration opportunities. We Can Answer Any Queries about Us in Person (if Attending)

ContextQA's Innovative Solutions

ContextQA offers cutting-edge AI-driven software test automation services.

Our powerful tool saves time and improves quality by automating manual testing reporting processes, release management processes, test automation using no code approaches and more - saving both time and improving quality for software products alike.

Here is more of what ContextQA provides:

  • Automated Testing Reporting: Enjoy accurate and timely insights with our automated solutions that offer accurate reporting of testing activities.
  • Release Management: Make release management more manageable using our integrated tools designed to oversee software releases effectively.
  • No-Code Test Automation: Make test automation accessible to everyone by giving your team the power to create and execute tests without writing a single line of code, making test automation accessible across your organization.

Ready to Define the Future of Tech?

Collision Conf is more than an event; it serves as a hub of ideas and innovations that will shape the future of tech. We're delighted to join this vibrant environment and share our vision for its development of software testing services.

Mark your calendars and visit ContextQA at Stand A622 on June 18th to connect, learn, and grow together - together we can transform tech with innovative solutions and collaborative efforts!

Stay tuned for updates from Collision Conf 2024 and don't forget to follow our journey via social media - see you in Toronto!

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