Showcase Testing Success with ContextQA Release Management

Showcase software quality and functionality with Release. Manage unlimited test cases, seamlessly capture evidence, and generate compelling reports – all within ContextQA’s Proof platform.

Effortlessly Manage, Execute, and Showcase with Release Management

Unlimited Potential

Manage testing effortlessly with Release’s limitless capacity for test cases and evidence capture, ensuring comprehensive documentation.

Streamlined Workflow

Execute test cases seamlessly with an intuitive interface and automated proof capture, providing a clear trail of testing progress.

Compelling Reporting

Generate visually stunning reports integrating screenshots, notes, and logs, showcasing the quality and functionality of your software.

Release: Empowering You to Build Trust & Confidence

Beyond Pass/Fail

Present a captivating narrative of your testing journey with Release, showcasing software quality and functionality backed by compelling evidence.

Transparency & Trust

Build strong relationships with stakeholders by providing irrefutable proof of comprehensive testing efforts, fostering trust and confidence in software quality.

Simplified Future Releases

Utilize Release’s built-in documentation to automatically capture application behavior, streamlining future maintenance and updates without manual effort.

Experience the Release Difference

Enhanced Stakeholder Communication

Captivate stakeholders with compelling reports and undeniable evidence, fostering a deeper understanding of your testing efforts.

Improved Team Efficiency

Streamline evidence collection and report generation, freeing your team to focus on core testing activities.

Proactive Quality Assurance

Build trust and confidence in your software by showcasing its quality and functionality through comprehensive testing and insightful reporting.

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