The Low code lightning Testing Solution

“Say goodbye to manual testing and hello to effortless automation with our Low-Code Lightning Testing platform.”

How Does It Work?

Easily create tests by interacting with your application, mirroring user actions. Our user-friendly interface simplifies the testing process.

Streamline test creation and validation in a single interface, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing reliability.

Effortlessly reuse test workflows across different plans, executing them across various browsers and mobile profiles for comprehensive testing.

ContextQA Features for Low code lightning Testing

Test Data Profiles for Reusability

Enhance efficiency with Test Data Profiles, managing and reusing test data across multiple cases to eliminate repetitive data entry.

Auto Healing for Less Manual Work

Reduce manual intervention with auto-healing capabilities that detect and resolve issues during test execution.

Customizable Recorded Tests

Tailor automated test cases to your needs by easily customizing recorded tests with assertions, validations, and logic.

Preconfigured Test Templates

Kickstart your testing journey with our ready-made test templates, covering a wide range of scenarios for quick test setup.

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